Second of two experimental issues testing the viability of a web e-newsletter about databases and other electronic resources for Asian Studies.

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Date of Publication: June 23, 1998

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Thanks to everyone who contributed to this issue! It shows a greater range of contributions than the first one, with lots of interesting articles and reports in various sections of the newsletter.

Placement of contributions in different departments might seem confusing, so we added listings by author and title to help you. Briefly, if someone is reporting on a resource which he/she is developing I consider that to be a "database." If the report is about Internet/WWW resources that others have created, then it goes under "reviews." If the main concern is with technology or with broad trends,then I put it in the "technical corner."

A HREF="mailto:"">Young Joon Moon, who is a graduate student at Ohio State in Electrical Engineering who works as my Graduate Research Assistant, programmed some new buttons for this issue. He has other things planned for the September issue, including a search engine!

The first issue was noted in The Chronicle of Higher Education's InSites column on the Information Technology page and was picked up by the Internet Scout Report (U of Wisconsin). Those were very gratifying acknowledgements of this initiative, but the continuing stream of high quality contributions has been the greatest endorsement of all!

Still, I am hoping to hear from even more of you in the coming weeks and months. If you were too busy to write in the winter or spring, please consider taking a little time this summer to prepare a contribution for AsianDOC! Thanks in advance! Updates from those who have previously submitted something are always welcome, too!

The AsianDOC E-Newsletter was discussed at the Association for Asian Studies annual meeting and will also be on the agenda at the International Convention of Asia Scholars (June 25-28), both times in connection with the formation of a new organization, Scholars Engaged in Electronic Resources (SEER).

Summaries of those discussions and news of SEER will be posted to the AsianDOC mailing list ( To subscribe to the mailing list, send an email message with the subject blank and SUBSCRIBE ASIANDOC YOUR NAME in the body of email message to:

Maureen Donovan, Editor

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