AsianDOC Electronic Newsletter 1:2 (June 1998)

Bibliography of Modern Chinese Literature and Film

by Kirk A. Denton
The Ohio State University


This online bibliography is maintained in conjunction with the journal Modern Chinese Literature, which has recently moved its home-base from the University of Colorado to The Ohio State University. The journal is the leading English language forum for scholarship in the field of modern Chinese literature. With the publication of Vol XI, the journal will change its name to Modern Chinese Literature and Culture marking a shift in editorial direction toward a broader cultural studies approach.

There are good published bibliographies in the field of modern Chinese literature, but they inevitably suffer from the passing of time. The advantage of an on-line bibliography is, of course, that it can be continuously updated, giving the field up-to-date information about the most current publications. With the assistance of Jeremy Sieg, I put together this bibliography as a resource not just for readers of the journal, but for students, scholars, and general readers interested in the literature and culture of twentieth-century China. The bibliography focuses on English language materials, but also includes important Chinese-language reference works, literary histories, and the like. It is, I believe, the most extensive English-language bibliography of modern Chinese literature. The bibliography is organized into the following sections, to which one can link from the homepage's Table of Contents (