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Maureen Donovan is a librarian with close to twenty-five years of experience in East Asian collections, first at Princeton and, since 1978, at Ohio State. She holds the M.A. in East Asian Languages and Cultures and the M.S. in Library Service (both from Columbia University). Although originally trained in sinology, she has been working as a Japanese studies librarian for about twenty years.

Since 1993 Ms. Donovan has been publishing web resources that complement library collections for East Asian Studies. In particular, she is the Project Director of the East Asian Libraries Cooperative World Wide Web, which hosts the AsianDOC Electronic Newsletter and a number of other projects.

Donovan is a frequent participant at conferences and meetings where scholars and librarians working in Asian Studies gather. During 1991-94 she served as Chair of the Committee (now Council) on East Asian Libraries of the Association for Asian Studies (AAS). Most recently she has been involved in international efforts to establish organizations that support electronic resource development for Asian Studies.

During the International Congress of Asian and North African Studies in Hong Kong in 1993 a small group of participants interested in scholarly database development met for High Tea. Those present were: Maureen Donovan (Ohio State), Thomas Hahn (Heidelberg), Alexander Stolyarov (Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of Oriental Studies, Moscow), Anna Wang (Ohio State), Susan Whitfield (British Library). The group resolved to set up a mailing list, AsianDOC (Asian Database Online Community), which Ms. Donovan established in October, 1993. Within a few days of AsianDOC's establishment, communications were received from scholars, librarians, and researchers all over the world. In particular, AsianDOC quickly developed close ties to the Electronic Buddhist Text Initiative and its director, Lewis Lancaster (UC Berkeley).

Ms. Donovan is now establishing the AsianDOC Electronic Newsletter to continue the AsianDOC tradition. Two experimental issues are planned for March, 1998 and June, 1998 to test the viability of a web-based electronic newsletter to support better communication among members of the worldwide community of scholars, librarians and researches interested in databases for Asian Studies. In particular, the AsianDOC E-Newsletter is being set up on behalf of the AAS Work Group for Electronic Resource Development (Lewis Lancaster, Chair) and Scholars Engaged in Electronic Resources (Jost Gippert, Chair).

Maureen Donovan is currently Associate Professor and Japanese Studies Librarian at the Ohio State University. Contact her at or visit the East Asian Libraries Cooperative World Wide Web site at

Thank you for your interest in the AsianDOC Electronic Newsletter. I truly believe that with your help this newsletter can become a forum for sharing information and techniques and a place where mutual encouragement and support enable us all to succeed.

I look forward to receiving your contributions for AsianDOC at: Comments are also welcome! I hope to hear from you!

With best wishes,
Maureen Donovan

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