Chirashi for Mizoguchi Kenji's 
<I>Tokyo March</I> (1929).
Reviews of Recent Japanese Films
This is a collection of reviews and articles on recent Japanese films written by Aaron Gerow for The Daily Yomiuri, a national daily that is published in English by one of Japan's largest newspapers, the Yomiuri Shimbun. They are reproduced on the Kinema Club site with the permission of The Daily Yomiuri and appear largely as they were originally published. Kinema Club would like to thank The Daily Yomiuri its cooperation. Films are listed in alphabetical order by their English titles (when available) and an asterisk denotes particularly important works. Names are in Japanese name order and dates indicate date of release.

Films reviewed:

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A note about cast and credit information:

To help those watching these films, I have tried to provide cast and credit information when available. In some cases, however, I have had to transliterate Japanese names without being able to confirm the reading, a problem given than the same Japanese character can often be read in different ways. Cast and credit information on this site should therefore never be used in any way other than as a guide. Those who want to publicize this information should confirm it with the production company of the film first.

About the reviewer:

Aaron Gerow is an associate professor at Yokohama National University in Japan and specializes in the study of Japanese film and culture.

Updated: 8 August 2000

(Apologies for not updating the site more regularly! A new job and a new baby have slowed me down. I will try to catch up with my backlog of reviews, but I'm afraid I'll have to cut down on the links I put in the text.)

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