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David Bedell, University of Bridgeport =============================================================================== ENGLISH-LANGUAGE BOOKS ON EAST ASIAN AND PACIFIC GAY/LESBIAN/BISEXUAL TOPICS Revised 04/28/95. Compiled by David Bedell, University of Bridgeport (bedell@cse.bridgeport.edu)
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  • China
  • Japan
  • New Guinea
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Other Asia and Pacific


    Hinsch, Bret. Passions of the Cut Sleeve: The Male Homosexual Tradition in China. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press, 1990.

    Law Reform Commission of Hong Kong. Report on Laws Governing Homosexual Conduct. Hong Kong: The Commission, 1983. In Chinese and English.

    Lee, Lilian (Li, Pi-Hua, or Li, Pik-Wah). Farewell to My Concubine: A Novel, trans. Andrea Lingenfelter. New York: William Morrow, 1993. Novel by a Hong Kong writer, about a love triangle involving Chinese opera singers. Basis of the award-winning film.

    Li, Yu. The Carnal Prayer Mat = Rou Putuan, trans. Patrick Hanan. New York: Ballantine Books, 1990. 17th century erotic satire.

    Min, Anchee. Red Azalea. New York: Pantheon Books, 1994. A Chinese lesbian's experiences coming of age during the Cultural Revolution and her relationship with a woman while she was working on a collective farm.

    Pai, Hsien-Yung. Crystal Boys: A Novel; trans. Howard Goldblatt. San Francisco: Gay Sunshine Press, 1990. This Taiwanese novel concerns young gay boys, rejected by their families, hanging out in a park and gay bar in Taipei.

    Two Films by Ang Lee. Woodstock, NY: Overlook Press, 1994. Includes article on award-winning Taiwanese film "The Wedding Banquet" by Neil Peng, Ang Lee, & James Schamus.

    Wong, Norman. Cultural revolution: Stories. New York: Persea Books, 1994. A series of connected stories about a Chinese-American youth in Hawaii whose awakening gay identity conflicts with his immigrant parents' culture.

  • JAPAN:

    Bornoff, Nicholas. Pink Samurai: Love, Marriage and Sex in Contemporary Japan. New York: Pocket Books, 1991.

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    Mishima, Yukio. Confessions of a Mask, trans. Meredith Weatherby. New York: New Directions, 1968. Somewhat autobiographical novel about a teen-age boy accepting his homosexuality while concealing it from his fiancee. (First published in Japan in 1949.)

    Murakami, Ryu. Coin Locker Babies. New York: Kodansha America, Inc., 1994. Novel translated from Japanese.

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    Herdt, Gilbert H. Guardians of the Flutes: Idioms of Masculinity. New York: Columbia University Press, 1987. About the Sambia people of Papua New Guinea.

    Herdt, Gilbert H. The Sambia: Ritual and Gender in New Guinea. New York: Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, 1987.

    Schneebaum, Tobias. Where the Spirits Dwell: An Odyssey in the New Guinea Jungle. New York: Grove Press, 1988. About the Asmat people of Irian Jaya.


    Itiel, Joseph. Philippine Diary: A Gay Guide to the Philippines. San Francisco: International Wavelength, 1989.

    Mathews, Paul W. Male Prostitution: Two Monographs. Sydney: Australia Book Company, 1987. Observations of male prostitution in Manila.

    Rodriguez, Nice. Throw It to the River. Toronto: Women's Press, 1993. Fiction about lesbians in the Philippines and Canada.

    Whitam, Frederick L., & Mathy, Robin M. Male Homosexuality in Four Societies: Brazil, Guatemala, the Philippines, and the United States. New York: Praeger Publishers, 1986.


    Heng, Russell. Lest The Demons Get To Me. In, Fat Virgins, Fast Cars, and Asian Values: A Collection of Plays from Theatreworks' Writers Lab. Singapore: Times Books International, 1993. Banned play with transvestite protagonist.

    Jeyaretam, Philip. Abraham's Promise. Singapore: Times Books International, 1994. Novel about a teacher who learns to accept his son's homosexuality. Author is son of Singapore's opposition leader.

    Lee, Johann S. Peculiar Chris. Singapore: Cannon International, 1992. Novel about a gay National Serviceman who comes out.

    Moo, Joash. Sisterhood: The Untold Story. Singapore: Times Books International, 1990. True stories of transvestites in Singapore.


    Allyn, Eric G., ed. The Dove Coos = Nok Kao Kan: Gay Experiences by the Men of Thailand, trans. Nukul Benchamat & Somboon Inpradith. Bangkok & San Francisco: Bua Luang Publishing Company, 1992. Stories by readers of three Thai gay magazines: Midway, Neon, and Weekendmen.

    Allyn, Eric G., ed. The Dove Coos II: Collection 2, trans. David Jonathan; adapted for Western readers by E. G. Allyn & Samorn Chaiyana. Bangkok & San Francisco: Bua Luang Publishing Company, 1994. Selections from Thai gay magazines.

    Allyn, Eric G. The Men of Thailand: Where to Sa'nook' in Thailand: Noom Thai Guide for Gay Tourists. Bangkok & San Francisco: Bua Luang Publishing Company, 1991. Listings from monthly column in Midway magazine, Bangkok.

    Allyn, Eric G. The Men of Thailand Revisited: Trees in the Same Forest. Bangkok & San Francisco: Bua Luang Publishing Company, 1991.

    Berry, Chris. A Bit on the Side: East-West Topographies of Desire. Sydney: EMPress, 1994. Discusses the film Good Woman of Bangkok and critiques Asian governments that maintain gay rights are only a Western issue.

    Jackson, Peter A. Dear Uncle Go--Male Homosexuality in Thailand. Bangkok: Floating Lotus, 1995. Revision of Male Homosexuality in Thailand (below).

    Jackson, Peter A. The Intrinsic Quality of Skin. Bangkok: Floating Lotus Publications, 1994. Race, masculinity and homosexuality in Thailand.

    Jackson, Peter A. Male Homosexuality in Thailand: An Interpretation of Contemporary Sources. Elmhurst, NY: Global Academic Publishers, 1989. Translation and analysis of letters to and responses from advice columnist Aa Go Paak-naam, originally published in two Thai magazines Plaek and Mahatsajan.

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    Best Guide ... Asia, Australasia & South Pacific Islands. New York: Eden Cross, 1990. Gay travel guide.

    Best Guide to the North Pacific & Orient. 2nd ed. Amsterdam: Bookscene, 1992. Gay guide to Brunei, China, Guam, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand.

    Diaman, N. A., producer & director. Cut Sleeve: Lesbians and Gays of Asian/ Pacific Ancestry. San Francisco: Persona Video, 1991. A 24-minute videorecording in which individuals of Asian and Pacific Island backgrounds discuss their attitudes and experiences as homosexuals.

    Dimensions of Desire. Los Angeles: UCLA Asian American Studies Center, 1994.
    Special issue of Amerasia Journal; includes autobiographical accounts and critical essays about gay and lesbian Asian/Pacific Americans.

    Dunsford, Cathie. Cowrie. New York: Spinifex Press, 1994. A lesbian novel from the South Pacific.

    Dynes, Wayne R., & Donaldson, Stephen, eds. Asian Homosexuality. New York: Garland Publishing, 1992.

    Haver, William, et al. Circuits of Desire. Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 1994. Anthology on Asian homosexuality, including Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Thai.

    Herdt, Gilbert S., ed. Ritualized Homosexuality in Melanesia. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press, 1984.

    Lim-Hing, Sharon, ed. The Very Inside: Writings by Asian and Pacific Islander Lesbian and Bisexual Women. Toronto: Sister Vision, 1994.

    Murray, Stephen O., ed. Oceanic Homosexualities. New York: Garland Publishing, 1992. Includes studies ranging from Madagascar to Australasia: Filipino callboys; Siberian shamans; ancient samurais and contemporary lesbians of Japan; aristocratic traditions of Hawaii; also Korean, Thai, Indonesian, and Aleut studies.

    Paz y Liberacion (Asian ed.). Houston, TX: [s.n.], 1989-. Serial.

    Te Awekotuku, Ngahuia. Mana Wahine Maori: Selected Writings on Maori Women's Art, Culture, and Politics. Auckland, New Zealand: New Women's Press, 1991. Author is a Maori lesbian.

    Te Awekotuku, Ngahuia. Tahuri: Short Stories. Auckland, New Zealand: New Women's Press, 1989. Stories by a Maori lesbian.

    Witness Aloud: Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Asian/Pacific American Writings. Vol. 2, no. 1 of The APA Journal (spring/summer 1993).
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