* 经典作品翻译 Art of China Homepage/Classic Chinese Literature (English)
* 文学经典 Chinese Classics (GB, Hz, Big5, Gif)
* 唐诗 Chinese Poems from Tang Dynasty (Gif)
* 唐诗三百首 Chinese Traditional Poems Collection (Gif)
* 古典诗词 Classical Chinese Poetry (GB, Big5)
* 文学经典作品 collection of Chinese Classics (Big5)
* 诗选 Collection of Chinese Poetry (Big5)
* 红楼梦--百二十回 Dream of the Red Chamber (GB)
* 红楼梦插曲歌词 Dream of the Red Chamber-Lyrics (Big5)
* 各版道德经 Lao Tze - DaoDeJing - Tao Te Ching (Big5, Gif)
* 新语丝电子文库 New Threads Electronic Chinese Library (Hz)
* 围炉夜话 Night Talk (GB)
* 小说 (袁衡藏书) Novels (GB, Hz, Gif)
* 小说 (刘顺国藏书) Novels (GB)
* 三国演义 (全本, CND 藏) The Romance of the Three Kindoms
* 水浒传 (全本,CND 藏) The Story by the Water Margin
* 文学作品荟萃 (太阳升藏) Sunrise in Canada (Hz)
* 元 曲 Yuan Lyrics (GB)

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