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Hi! This is HU, Wenze (胡文泽), Ph.D fromThe Ohio State University. I received my undergraduate education from Beijing Foreign Languages Institute in Beijing, China. My Ph.D. dissertation is entitled "Functional Perspectives and Chinese Word Order."My academic concentration is Chinese Linguistics. Electronic communication is one of my hobbies. For more information about me, take a look at my CV.

This page is established as part of joint efforts with East Asian Libraries Co-operative to provide China-related information to people in the field of East Asian Studies. Of course, people with other interests are also welcome. To access most of these materials , you need GB, HZ, or BG5 environment. If you are new in Chinese on-line communication, please refer to Nus Page on Chinese Decoders & Chinese Web Servers, Displaying Chinese Inside WWW, Stephen G. Simpson's Page on Chinese Access to the WWW, Read Chinese in Net Application for the related information.

I am pleased to serve up the following China-related WWW sites via the World Wide Web:



I hope that you have had fun at my home. Should you have any suggestions and questions, please contact me at whu@fas.harvard.edu

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